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Allow our agency to design a concise and effective landing page for your business. These landing pages will be built in with AMP to maximize site speed and conversions!

In this article, you will learn about what landing pages are and how they benefit your business. Let’s get started with these key points:

Landing Page: A Tutorial

We should start by informing you that there is quite a bit of difference between a landing page and regular web pages. If you're looking to create a website then see our website builder to get started on designing an unmatched responsive website.

Unlike "About Us" pages or "Contact Us" pages, your landing page is a separate entity, it's not even tied to the website's navigation.

A landing page is not accessible to the public and contains no site navigation options, individuals must happen upon them by clicking on a company's link or ad.

After that, the potential customer is then directed to your landing page. That is your company's time to shine!

This is the page that will convince a customer to act on an advertised offer. A website with great web optimization has got to have a second to none landing page.

Your landing page, or what some may call a destination page or a lead magnet, is where visitors go to learn more about your promotion and leave behind valuable contact information.

How important is it? Let's just say companies that use 40 or more landing pages attract 120% more leads than those that don't! We'd say that's pretty important! Landing pages also make it easier to track your potential customer's actions on your site.

Long story short, the more landing pages your company has, the more leads you stand to gain. Let's dive in a little deeper and explore the further benefits and importance of the landing page.

The Usefulness of Landing Pages

A landing page can be used for a myriad of purposes. One can be used for the purposes of pay per click marketing or for search engine optimization. For the purposes of this text, we will discuss its use in terms of search engine optimization or SEO.

Every website should utilize a landing page if they aren't already. Aside from it being a great marketing tool, it also places a need in front of a prospective customer and helps to build trust and authority.

If a website is well-optimized, they tend to have many landing pages. Typically, there's one new landing page for each new promotion or offer.

In the world of SEO rankings, the more content a website has, the better. Landing pages are great for increasing your website's visitors and search engine rankings.

Homepage vs Landing Page

In comparison to being strictly directed to a websites homepage, landing pages usually have a better conversion rate.

This is due to the fact that when a website searcher is directed to a website's homepage, they often have to browse for the advertisement they see.

A landing page is an antidote to this issue!

A new website visitor can simply click on the ad or promotion via an internet search and instantly end up on a website's landing page.

This is the goal of most companies and this is how we improve overall search rankings. So, if you want your company to rise to the top of the pack and increase your website traffic, we highly recommend incorporating as many landing pages as necessary.

The Pitfalls of Not Utilizing a Landing Page

If your company is advertising an amazing offer, customers want to click on your promotional link and be lead directly to that offer.

Many times, companies make the mistake of simply directing clients to an "About Us" or "Contact Page."

Why is this a bad idea? Because it doesn't meet the customer's expectation. Instead, they are led to a website that may or may not contain the offer that they are seeking, which hurts the user experience.

This is an example of something called a bad "message catch." There should be no outbound links that take your customers off of your landing page unless it leads to a thank you page.

Situations like this could cause any of your potential customers to become extremely impatient and leave your site without acting (bouncing).

To be sure that this doesn't happen, our experienced technicians will create bold and vibrant call to action buttons and landing pages that deliver on exactly what your offer promises.

The dopweb team will place your company's outstanding logo on your landing page, use the same images that were used in your initial ad, as well as ensure the headline and copy matches with the message of the ad.

We guarantee that this method will translate into top-notch results! Trust us when we say, numbers don't lie.

With the creation of new landing pages for each new offer you introduce, your landing page traffic will only continue to grow exponentially!

The Landing Page Goal

Landing pages can serve two goals, you can either grow your mailing list for future use or you can set out to promote an offer.

Over the course of this text, we will discuss the elements that you'll need to achieve both of these objectives. Each of your company's landing pages should only contain a singular goal.

Sites that promote multiple offers at one time could steal conversions from one another and ultimately spell disaster.

Instead, our team will aim to keep things as simple as possible.

Customers can easily become confused if presented with too many choices at once. Therefore, if your goal is to achieve downloads or signups, we will create a webpage that will allow your potential customers to do just that.

If your company has multiple goals in mind, then creating multiple pages is paramount. Remember to cater to one audience at a time.

This will also allow for better A/B testing which we'll discuss further later on.

Landing Page Traffic

A landing page is a top-notch funnel for generating business leads.

Why is that? Because it allows you the ability to save incoming email address to your online databases and send out informative emails regarding your products.

You can also fill them in on upcoming offers and special promotions. This way, curious customers are always kept in the loop in terms of all the latest services your company provides.

A landing page is something you don't want to forget to include on your site! It's one of your best opportunities to turn an anonymous browser into a satisfied customer.

Without the incoming email addresses and phone numbers, you couldn't gauge whether or not your website was targeting the right audience.

The Right Landing Page Traffic

You might be asking yourself, how do I know which web traffic is right for my landing page? Well, we're glad you asked!

The right type of traffic is going to be interested in your services, not parties that are easily scared away.

Studies show that 70% of your potential customers have already done their research on your company. Therefore, an excellent landing page is your best friend!

The right landing page traffic will also lead to numerous downloads and customer referrals. Yes, my friend, a great landing page will take you places.

How to Create an Awesome Landing Page

OK, we've discussed why you need a landing page. Now, let's look at the components of building a reliable and eye-catching landing page for your business.

Attention Grabbing and Accessible

First, you're going to need a page that puts all the attention on the services or products that you provide, one that will provide detail-oriented information but not so much as to scare prospective customers away. This landing page should also be easily accessible through mobile devices.

Along with accessibility, it must load quickly. Failure to load within the first 1.5 seconds could cause your visitor to leave.

The best way to prevent this would be to utilize top-notch AMP services. Most of your consumers will be checking local listings from smartphones or tablets so their experience should be a smooth one.

Our web agency we'll strike a fine balance. We'll ensure that the product is the first thing that people see and it's mobile friendly.

Remember, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, our team will make it great.

Consider the Customer

Think of who your customer is. Who are you targeting your products or services to?

Are they stay at home moms? Perhaps, you're marketing to teenagers that play sports.

For your landing page to succeed, you're going to need a platform that is directly geared towards a specific type of customer. Not all leads are created equal.

Using language and imagery that these particular customers care about shows that you've taken your time to focus on them.

Buyers don't want another company begging for their money. Instead, they want to know that the company truly cares about their needs.

Making Headlines

Next, you'll need a headline that grabs the customers attention and is also short and sweet and to the point. It can't just be any old lackluster slogan.

It should also be noted that your headline should be no more than 20 words. Within your headline three factors should be taken into consideration, clarity, relevancy, and empathy.

A strong headline will grab the reader's attention and address their immediate needs.

When creating a headline a few choice statements will be sure to grab audience attention.

- How To: Starting your headline with how to, will instantly spark interest. Visitors are highly interested in content that will inform them of how to complete a task easier.

- Asking Questions: This is a great way to get a customer thinking about making the right choice!

- Appeal to their sense of humor - While you don't have to go out of your way to get a laugh, a little bit of humor can go a long way.

- Emphasize your value: Your potential customers need to understand why your product is set apart from all your other competitors. You want them to choose you over all others.

If your headline is missing any of these components, your potential customers could easily leave without a trace.

Our professionals will ensure that your headline will stand out from all the others. Take it from us, your headline will be sure to convince your target audience to leave their email address and a phone number.

Not only should the headline be catchy, but it should also emphasize the value of the services or product that your site is offering. That's what our team does best!


The purpose of your landing page should be made very clear to your audience. You may consider adding an explanation, or video explainer, into your headline or adding a tiny blurb of information underneath it.

It doesn't have to be long winded, in fact, it shouldn't!

Even pictures or videos could help with your explanation.

For many visitors, a web design service with visual explanation is a lot easier to understand and more entertaining as well.

The overall objective is that it accomplishes the goal which is to get your landing page's message across.

What is that message? It should all come back to the initial offer that your customer was attracted to in the first place.

Landing Page Relevance

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether your landing page is relevant to your intended audience.

If you're trying to market your services to wilderness buffs, it's necessary to include keywords such as wilderness or camping.

These are the things that your target audience is searching for. So, when they type in these terms, they will be directed to your landing page.

Think about it, if Joe's Tires is having a promotion on used tires and a customer searches for used tires on their computer or mobile device, Joe's will pop up instantly.

This will drive the customer to their landing page and Mr. Customer is now a Joe's Tire's customer from that point on!

A landing page is nothing without relevance.

Landing Page Pain

When piecing together a landing page, it's great to offer a service that the visitor wants; it's even better to highlight the fact that it will alleviate a nagging pain or discomfort that the potential customer may have.

According to the study of loss aversion, the pain of losing something is more anticipated than the pleasure of gaining something.

Therefore, losing money resonates much more than the joy of receiving money. With that being said, your landing page could offer a solution to something that a potential customer considers painful.

Make the choice to relieve their pain! Potential buyers will leap at the chance to rid themselves of discomfort with your product or service.

Landing Page Pleasure

Aside from the loss aversion theory, customers also connect with the idea of a service providing them with pleasure and joy.

Your landing page must provide customers with a sense that your product or service is going to provide them with the pleasure they seek.

Your prospective customers are emotional by nature. Your goods or services should tug at their emotional needs.

Whether you're offering carpet cleaning services or amazing food, you must get a customer invested in your product.

Why would they want to try your pizza over all the others? Once pleasure is attached to your offer, they will be eating out of the palm of your hands.

So don't settle for bland content marketing services that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Here at dopweb, we'll go the extra mile to show your potential customers exactly what they're missing.

The mission of a great landing page should be to highlight the benefits of the item or service that you're promoting.

Customers should be able to trust this and feel emotionally connected to it. Once they are captured by those factors, conversions is not too far away!

Lead with the Benefits

Though it's great to offer sought-after solutions to problems, customers want to know how your product will benefit them.

They already know the solutions they are looking for and they'd like to know why your solution is best. So don't bury the lead!

Don't just mention it's great features, talk about how those features will benefit an individual's lifestyle.

Will it put an end to all of their troubles? Will it double their money? Perhaps, it'll clean like no other product on the market.

The value and benefit of your product or services must be made clear and we are just the ones to help do that.

Our Los Angeles SEO agency will ensure that your product's benefits and its purpose are the highlights of your site!

The Sales Letter

This is not a necessary component of a landing page but it can make for a nice sentimental touch.

Your sales letter is something written by you, the business owner, about the product you are trying to promote.

This is where you'd tell an emotional story that you can tie back to the item or service in question.

You can mention how this particular item worked for you when you didn't think anything would.

Or, you can mention how this service or product changed your life for the better! Sharing stories such as this will help you to better appeal to your target audience.

Customers will get a sense of who you really are and will identify with the message you are trying to get across.

If they relate closely enough to what you're saying in your letter, you just may earn an actual customer.

Our Los Angeles web agency would be glad to implement a template such as that so you can reach a wide range of potential customers.

It's All About the Presentation!

The presentation is key! No one wants to arrive on a landing page that's bland and unappealing.

Therefore, our team will go above and beyond to include rich and whimsical content that is sure to speak the reader's language and convince them to buy or download your product.

The color scheme is also important to take into consideration when designing a successful landing page.

The page should flow together with a well-organized color scheme that entices potential customers.

Too many colors or colors that don't blend well together could leave a bad taste in a visitor's mouth.

A great rule of thumb is no more than two colors per page. In addition to your color scheme, the color of your call to action button should be different from all the other content on the page.

This will draw the visitors eye to it and encourage them to click.

Here, is where we'll ensure that all of the most eye-catching visuals of your product or services are on display, from vibrant colors to appealing fonts.

For your landing page, we'll only focus on rich and high-quality photographs. That way, viewers are seeing only the best images of your service or product, not some poorly thrown together picture.

Making your company's page stand out from the crowd is what our team does best!

At dopweb, we don't settle for any less than fantastic!

You can rest assured that our team will go to great lengths to create a website or landing page that will make your prospective customers salivate!

The Beauty of Landing Page Video

High definition video marketing would even be appropriate on this page. Studies show that a great video can increase conversion rates by 86%.

It also creates an entertaining view of your services as well as increase visitor dwell time. The beauty of this is that it also reduces customer bounce rates.

A video is also a wonderful way to present a personal message to a visitor. This is an avenue where you could include something like a thank you message, or information about an up and coming product.

A video is also a wonderful way to present a personal message to a visitor. This is an avenue where you could include something like a thank you message, or information about an up and coming product.

We live in an age of technology where people value electronics and video more than just the written word.

So, by all means, if you'd like us to include high definition and stand out video on your page, our team would love to do so!

Our professionals are highly trained in all things design and media. We guarantee with our proven methods, your landing page will be set up for success!

According to a 2009 study, landing pages that contain video are 53 times more likely to rank on page one of Google. Can you believe those numbers?

And, all of that simply for one video animation. If you were skeptical about whether or not to include this type of media on your page, we hope we cleared things up for you.

Proof in Landing Pages

Curious customers appreciate seeing tangible proof that a product is effective. If you are able to demonstrate your products effectiveness with some type of video or image, you will have won them over. People care about evidence more than anything else.

Think about it, they are going to fork over their hard-earned dollars to your company. For this reason, customers need to feel that your team is reliable.

Whether it's through links to your social media pages or client testimonials, our experts will ensure that your potential customers have all the proof they need in order to place their trust in your company.

Keeping in Contact

Possibly, the most important element for a landing page to contain is the contact form. This is a little box that asks for information such as name, phone, number, and an email address.

This is your "golden ticket." The contact form should be kept as simple as possible with an average number of 11 fields.

Anything more than that could become tedious and overwhelming to a customer. Rather than staying to complete the contact form, potential customers may bounce.

That is what we hope to avoid by providing as small of a field number as possible.

With this necessary contact information, window shoppers could easily be flipped into repeat paying customers.

With the help of our amazing and experienced team of professionals and eye-catching templates, your contact form will contain all of the needed components in one sleek web design.

Thank You for Your Time!

Finally, you've got to tie it all together with some sort of thank you or confirmation page.

This page should not be taken lightly. This lets the customer see what they've ordered and it presents the final call to action.

You could compare this to an attorney's closing argument. It may not seem like much, but it can make all the difference in the long run!

Many business owners make the mistake of including the thank you page on the landing page. Though their hearts are in the right place, it's not the best idea.

This page should be separate from the landing page to ensure that customer visits are being properly tracked by web analytics.

This additional page also presents the opportunity to invite onlookers to your website to browse more exclusive offers and deals.

Privacy Protection

As we've mentioned before, external links should be virtually non-existent on a landing page. The only exception to this rule would be a privacy protection link.

This will direct customers to your privacy policy just in case they feel a bit uneasy about providing their contact information. Having a link like this in place will help your site build trust and authority.

In an effort to prevent customers from potentially bouncing, the privacy policy could also be included directly onto your landing page.

It should be close to the initial contact form and small enough so as not to overtake the rest of the page.

AB Testing Your Landing Page

Testing the success of your landing page is helpful in determining whether or not you'll need to make adjustments.

It's estimated that only 52% of agencies put their landing pages through A/B testing. Below, we'll discuss the process in which our professionals will take to properly AB test your landing page.

- Champion page: This is the page we start with. It's the one that is currently in the lead. All other variants of this page will be the challengers.

- Challenger pages: We can produce as many variant pages as needed to oppose the champion page in an effort to determine which one receives better results.

All of the pages will be targeted to the same group of potential customers thanks to JavaScript cookies.

However, we will find that one or more will gain more traffic than the others or the champion page may remain in the lead.

This report, in turn, will tell us what we need to know about the performance and success of your landing page. From there, we can proceed accordingly.

Landing Page Promotion

Once your landing page is successfully created by our skilled and reputable professionals, promotion and optimization of the page are critical.

If you've got any form of social media, which you should, you must promote it as much as possible.

This step is easily done with the use of call to action buttons which we will create for you.

These buttons will appear at the end of your website's blog or where ever the service or product is being introduced.

The call to action button will lead customers to your landing page and there you have it.

You'll be well on your way to attracting new leads and potential customers.

Clickable share buttons are also your friend when it comes to landing pages. Consumers, especially in this day and age, love to share information about where they are, who they're with, and what they purchased.

You wouldn't want to miss out on any of that prime publicity. With us, no social media opportunity will be missed.

From Facebook to Twitter, ads for your landing page will be seen across the web with dopweb.

Landing Page Comparison Charts

If you've got competition, a comparison chart can be a great resource for your landing page.

With this chart, you can show just how you stack up against the competition. It could be represented in a bar graph, pie chart, etc... Customers enjoy seeing just how your company compares to another.

However, if you're a newer company, you may not want to try this method until you've gained a strong following and testimonials to back up your claims.

A Lasting Landing Page

A landing page that remains relevant all year long is great for your business. Even without sending your potential customers to it, it can still grow in rankings and views.

Furthermore, the fact that Google recognizes it makes it more trustworthy.

Seasonal campaigns could benefit from a bit of sprucing up so they remain on the consumer's mind all year long.

But, don't worry. If you can't figure out how to add a little pep to your landing page's step, we are here for you.

The Power of Testimonials

Is your business a success? Have your customers been leaving amazing reviews?

If so, that's just the type of thing that should be included on a successful landing page.

Potential customers love to see products used by real people. They want a product that's tried and trusted.

Testimonials are one more element that makes potential customers develop respect for you. There are many ways to make use of testimonials on your landing page.

- Social Media: With images coming straight from social media sites, potential customers will have the peace of mind of knowing that your client testimonials are 100% authentic.

Due to the fact that these can be so easily checked, you won't have to worry about being thought of as a liar.

- Partners: Other companies that use your product would be glad to display their images and testimonials on your landing page.

Not only do you make them look great, but they'll do the same for you in return. It's a win-win situation!

- Influencer Marketing: If a famous personality is a proud customer, don't be afraid to arrange an advertising deal with them. This another instance in which you can help each other.

- Finally, customer quotes are a testimonial foundation that will never die. Did a client or customer say something nice about your company?

Don't hesitate to ask for permission to quote them on your site. Again, individuals are more likely to purchase goods from a company with an authoritative and trustworthy presence.

A Backup Call to Action

A backup call to action is a great idea for a landing page. It's something that you can leave the potential customer with if they're not ready to take that final step with you.

For example, you might want to include social media marketing icons that say follow me across all platforms.

That way, customers that aren't ready to purchase can stay informed of what you have to offer. Or, you might say something like, "click to join our mailing list."

Actions like this are more appealing to customers who may feel like they don't want to be rushed into making a decision.

But just remember, an unsure potential customer today could become a website regular tomorrow!

Landing Page Retargeting

Unfortunately, not every landing page visitor converts. Over time, you may notice that some of your potential customers have bounced from your landing page.

But don't feel bad, studies show that over 96% of searchers that make their way to your landing page are not in fact prepared to buy.

By implementing web optimization tags on the conversion forms and browsing through the activity that your lead engaged in, you can send them offers and ads that are targeted to their specific needs.

Retargeting campaigns are just what you need to reign your leads back in! Sure, they may have gone astray, but that doesn't mean that they can't come back to your website once they're ready.

Implementing these campaigns will keep your product in your potential customer's mind.

These types of campaigns have worked wonders for a slew of business and they will work for yours as well.

You'll need the assistance of talented and qualified professionals to create these campaigns and get your business back on track.

Our technicians won't let you down! We'll keep you informed of our process from start to finish so you won't have to worry about a thing.

2 Types of Landing Page Retargeting

Landing page retargeting campaigns are broken up into two types. One of which is called pixel-based retargeting and the other is referred to as list-based retargeting.

Both of these can be easily created through our web development services and each have their benefits. For your understanding, we'll go a little more in depth.

- Pixel-based: This is the most popular type. Every time a visitor clicks on your page and leaves, an unseen JavaScript code leaves behind a cookie and keeps track of their online behavior.

The code tells the cookie to keep showing ads that customer. The hope is that the customer will return to your site and be happily converted into a satisfied buyer.

List-based: This type of retargeting is geared toward the existing customers that you have on file whether it be from social media or your own website's platform.

It works by tailoring certain campaigns to a specific group of customers that you would like to upgrade to another service.

The only issue is that these clients may use different emails for social media.

After the Landing Page Conversion

So, you made the choice to invest in landing page services and earned yourself a few new conversions, that's wonderful!

But, it doesn't stop there my friend. When your new customer clicks on that final link and is lead to the thank you page, that's when your presence should be known.

This is your last chance to appeal the customer before they are gone for good, or at least until next time!

Attaching more than just a "Thank You" will come in handy here. Promote another product that catches their attention.

You could even use this page to encourage potential customers to follow you across multiple social media platforms. Get creative but don't go crazy.

The text should still be short and to the point with a few encouraging words.

They may not be ready to buy, but at least it'll give them something to think about in the future. Our talented professionals will make sure that no stone on your landing page or thank you page is left unturned.

We'll cover all the bases so you can sit back, relax, and watch your business blossom.

The Landing Page Summarized

By now, you know just how important the landing page is to the success of any growing or successful website and business.

When it comes to a flawless landing page, anything less than excellent simply won't do.

It's important to ensure that you work with professionals such as ourselves, that understand all of the elements of composing an effective landing page.

From informative content to dwell-worthy imagery, our team will take care of everything!

One well-placed landing page could equal the difference between failure and success. So don't continue to stand on the sidelines while other businesses are racing to the finish line, reaching out for your prize.

Instead, place your trust in our capable hands. Our team will provide you with all of the expertise you'll need. You can count on us!

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