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posted bydopweb22/05/2020

The best website builder for SEO is for sure an intuitive and easy platform to use for anyone who has little to extensive knowledge about SEO.

But what makes the best AMP website builder for SEO stand out from other site builders is that it is search engine optimized right out of the box.

When choosing a website builder for SEO, you need to make sure that it includes great search engine optimization features and tools for your future site.

Many website builder for SEO claim to offer a great SEO profile for your site. And some of them actually provide good SEO features that can help you to get started.

But it is important to understand that these platforms require a fairly important amount of work from you to really optimize your site for search engine results.

In this article, my goal is to provide a complete overview of the SEO profile that Dopweb Builder offers to its users.

So here are the top 3 reasons that make Dopweb the easiest and most performant AMP website builder for SEO:

Dopweb Builder is an automatic SEO solution

In other words, Dopweb Builder is a platform built with search engine optimization performance first in mind. It allows you to easily create a site that is optimized for search engine results .

The goal of the platform is to make sure that you create a site that is search engine optimized right out of the box. And that will save you time and energy to concentrate on creating the unique site you want.

It offers numerous built-in and automatic SEO features on its sites, a strong technical SEO profile, and it prevents mistakes that could affect your performance.

And when it comes to mobile-friendliness for SEO, Dopweb provides an excellent mobile website builder featuring Google-first optimized templates that we will present later in this article.'

Let’s talk more about those benefits now.

- Optimized Page Structure: : Dopweb Builder automatically assigns a <h1> tag to your page title to make nit easier for search engine crawlers to know what your page is about and to reference it. Your sections titles will then appear as <h2>, <h3>, <h4> and so on.

BUT, here’s the important part.

Dopweb Builder automatically adjusts your tags if you make changes to your sections through a drop and drop editor. This means that even if you change the order of your sections, the tags on the titles will adjust when your site is published.

You will still have one and only <h1> tag that indicates to crawlers how to reference your page, and your other sections' titles tags.

- XML sitemap: Dopweb automatically generates a sitemap for your site and keeps it updated. Search engines will use your sitemap to crawl and reference your pages.

- Robots.txt file: Dopweb also automatically creates a robots.txt file for your site. The robots.txt file tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl, and which not to crawl.

- External links display: Referencing authority sites on your pages is a well-known SEO technique. On your Dopweb site, all your external links are opened on external pages to make sure your visitors don’t lose your own page.

- Keywords research: It is the foundation of all your digital marketing activities. That’s why the platform suggests the top 10 keywords you should use to position your site on search engine results.

The platform offers hundreds of SEO ready templates

Getting started with a template that is already SEO-friendly provides a tremendous advantage for Dopweb users.

When creating a site on Dopweb Builder, you will choose between two options: Selecting a template from a large selection or building your own custom AI-assisted template.

But no matter the option that you pick, you can rest assured that your site template is ready for SEO performance on search engine results.

In other words, the templates available include several built-in SEO features that you should know about:

- Native AMP Pages: When it comes to site speed, Dopweb hits the spot by using Google’s AMP for its web pages. AMP web pages load faster and smoother, to deliver a user-friendly experience to your site’s visitors.

- Mobile optimized: Dopweb sites adapt greatly on mobile and tablet devices and offer the same great user experience. Your mobile users will enjoy having a site that’s easy to read and navigate.

- Structured data: Dopweb sites come with schema markups to indicate search engines which content on your site should be displayed as a rich search result.

- Secure hosting: Dopweb automatically connects an SSL certificate to your site when you publish it. The standard HTTP will also be automatically changed to HTTPs on your site’s URL.

- Canonical URLs: Each page of your Dopweb’s site will have its canonical URL, indicating to search engine crawlers which important content should appear in the search results.

- Meta tags: Dopweb presets meta tags, including page title and description tags, for your site. You can modify those tags to accurately describe to search engine crawlers the content presented in your pages.

The website builder includes an all-in-one SEO dashboard

Another great benefit of the platform is its SEO Analytics Dashboard integrated with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and more.

These analytics tools will definitely help you gain a better understanding of your site SEO performance. And that’s the first step to improving your SEO strategy for your site.

Dopweb Builder SEO dashboard allows users to monitor their site’s analytics and track important metrics in one place.

Staying updated on your site’s SEO statistics is simply easy and fast. In fact, let’s see which interesting options the SEO dashboard provides for its users:

- Google Analytics: Easily connect your Google Analytics’ account to your Dopweb site on your dashboard. It only takes minutes, and it allows you to have access to all your important site’s statistics in the same place.

- Integrated Search Console: It is an important tool to track the performance of your organic-search traffic. This integration allows you to pull and see your Search Console data into your SEO dashboard.

- SEO audits: Dopweb Builder provides you with a detailed SEO report on your dashboard after you run SEO audits for your pages. If something is going wrong on one of your pages, Dopweb Builder will detect it and alert you to correct it.

- On-page SEO: Get insights from Google Lighthouse Audits to optimize your individual web pages. Your site pages should always get a 100% Google Lighthouse Score. If not, Dopweb Builder will tell you what to correct on your pages to improve them.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a site builder that will provide you with a complete SEO solution, then Dopweb is for you!

Dopweb’s numerous built-in SEO features and optimized templates make it an ideal automatic SEO solution.

The integration of Google Web tools also tremendously helps to manage and track your site’s analytics from one place. With your analytics dashboard on hand, you will be ready to increase your web traffic and conversion on your sites.

Now that you know everything about SEO for Dopweb, you are ready to start creating your own site on Dopweb Builder!

Don’t have time to build your site for now?

Dopweb’s team of web design professionals can help you!

Please contact us and tell us more about your project.

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