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posted bydopweb27/05/2020

Blow the competition away with fun and compelling video animations that will boost your sales.

Get started on implementing video animations with our comprehensive guide. We will explore everything you need to know about video animations with these essential points:

Make An Animation Video

Over the last several years the distribution of animation video has dramatically increased throughout social media and television.

This can be attributed to appeal of these videos to all age groups.

Some of the most popular questions we receive regarding video animations are the types of animation tools that are available.

First of, there are different types of animations that you can choose from. The six most common types are:

1. Cartoons
2. Motion Graphic
3. Stop Motion Animation
4. Typography
5. Whiteboard Animation
6. Screencast

All these types of animations have their own intrinsic differences found in their style and techniques.

After that, it will be time to begin looking for the right tool for you.

Best Tool To Create Animated Videos?

So are you wondering which tool out of the hundreds of them circulating the web should you choose?

It's an understandable thought due to the incredibly convenient simplifications that some tools have brought to different aspects of video animations for anyone attempting to delve into this industry.

But before you decide to jump into the more sophisticated tools then you will need to be aware of the high level of skill it requires to manage a professional editing software.

But anyhow, lets see some of the online animation tools at your disposal to use for social media campaigns and animation projects.

Animatron - one of the top rated online HTML5 Animation maker. With this tool you will be able to create Explainer videos, animated banners, Whiteboard style videos and presentation style animations.

Animaker - a fantastic drag and drop animation editor. Animaker can easily create your animated infographics, typography, 2D animations, Whiteboard style videos. There is also a huge library of graphics and templates available to use for all subscribers.

Videoscribe - most popular Whiteboard animation tool as far as I'm concerned, with high quality user experience.

Hippani - unlike Videoscribe, this tool is not so well-known. However, it's makes videos, presentations, apps, complex games and multi-media websites much simpler to create.

MySimpleShow - Free whiteboard video creator, and highly recommended due to its ease of use for users to make an animated explainer video.

Goanimate - Easy learning and curve and comes with a set of simple tools that allow you to DIY.

At the end, it is your decision to decide which tool will be the best for your project.

All of these tools require individuals to have a specific know-how to use them effectively.

The one thing they have in common is that they will assist you in making your imagination into a reality within your video.

Video Animations People Will Remember

The fun thing about animation is that you can make it for literally any genre.

A quote an animator must live by is that the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

One drawback with templates that come with the aforementioned tools is that you are limited to a set of pre-built templates, even the larger ones with an assorted array of web designs.

A high number of video animation scripts seek animation sequences that are just not possible to make with pre-built templates.

This forces the animator to select the "best-fitting" templates and try to squeeze them into the script's content.

For this reason, we recommend to tailor-made videos as the most effective (and results producing) form for animations.


The quality of your video you send out will most likely determine the perception your audience has on your brand, product and company.

Every an animator must understand this reality before they attempt to make an animated video.

Of course, custom videos will require a larger budget than videos based off of templates.

While the largest video production companies charge top dollar, you'll be surprised at the capabilities that not so large video animation companies at a far more affordable price.

This is why our dopweb team has created this specific post, to provide the services of some of the top video animation gurus in the United States to our audience for an affordable rate.

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