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posted bydopweb25/05/2020

Get your professional website done in 15 minutes. If you're looking to create a website, then our website builder will provide the unmatched quality and performance it needs to springboard your business.

Learn more about our professional AMP website builder in this article. We will review these key points about our website builder together:

Starting Your Own Site

With our web builder starter pack, you'll gain free access to the most important components of a successful website.

Some of our many amazing features include your own domain name, thousands of customizable template, and business email.

That's not all! We guarantee that your newly generated website will be AMP and responsive across all platforms.

Whether you're viewing your website from a tablet, desktop or a smartphone, it will always look fantastic!

You can expect AMP instant loading and SEO ready websites each and every time.

Web Development Optimization

Here at Dopweb, we pride ourselves on our excellent web optimization services.

Our Los Angeles web agency will ensure that your website performs smoothly on every possible level. We've got you covered from the front to the back-end.

How is this accomplished? We use complex code and methodologies to ensure that your site runs optimally.

With AMP technology, your site will load instantly with virtually no wait time! An AMP website will allow your site an opportunity to be featured in Google's search carousel.

The world will know your site is AMP built and optimized simply by the lightning bolt that appears next to your website's name in Google search results.

Your experience with AMP won't be beaten!

This, in turn, will allow your site to gain more and more visibility.

Greater visibility equates to higher SEO rankings over time.

Our website builder even comes with a mobile editing option! That's right, website editing just got a whole lot easier.

Imagine being able to create a website right from your phone, no app to download, no need for a desktop computer.

Now, that technology is here and Dopweb's got it!

Everything you need is only a touch away!

You can also count on our perfectly tailored website design templates to be SEO ready. That means that your site will be fully prepared to start ranking high on Google's search pages.

Allow us to help you make the most of your AMP website building experience. A site that's created with Dopweb is a site that you can be proud of!

Web Service: Speed & Security

Our professionals here at dopweb are passionate about making sure your site stays running as fast as possible.

While some other site makers run off lots of javascript, our use of AMP will make your need online business website maximize its speed performance and user engagement.

Your website will be starting off on an unfair advantage compared to other new business sites that do not come equipped with the benefits our website builder provides.

While websites that are built from WIX, GoDaddy and Squarespace have modestly well site speed for their users, they routinely take a long time to fully load.

This ultimately hinders any prospect of delivering excellent user experience to website visitors and ranking high on search engines, since website speed and design are viewed as the two most important ranking factors by Google and Bing.

When it comes to the creation of a website, security can't be left to chance. Our team has taken care of that as well.

With SSL certificate, yours will be a site that Google can trust. You'll even notice the secure lock icon in the upper left corner of your page.

Searchers can feel free to browse your site without the threat of malware or other cyber attacks.

While the presence of threats such as phishing, ransomware, and malware does exist, our protective cybersecurity platform is put in place to strike at a moments notice.

For protection that you can trust, Dopweb won't let you down!

Here, we want your experience with us to be a stress-free one. That's why our team takes all the necessary precautions in order to create your perfect website.

So, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we've got your website under control.

Finally, our two-factor authentication system allows users to have that extra layer of protection that is so valuable.

With the ever-present threat of cyber attacks, our security services are a smart choice!

Social Media Integration

Since our inception, it's been our goal to bring you and your potential customers together, with the creation of our high caliber social media marketing services, we believe we've done just that.

Our marketers/influencers have developed close social media connections, both in life and on the web.

And with our website builder, you will be able to give your audience easy access to all your social media pages.

It will be simple to link your website to your social media accounts including Instagram. Your visitors will be able to follow you through both social media and your primary website.

Social Sharing will be made easy with fixed shareable follow buttons on your websites.

Not only does this feature assist you in increasing awareness of your website's content, but it will provide your users with an opportunity to simply share your content, thereby also improving your user experience.

With our multilingual service, you can translate your site in 180 languages! That's right 180 languages!

Now, none of your website's visitors will be left out of all the fun and games.

Once you've taken the time to create a website to your specifications, our team of technicians won't hesitate to place your business on Google Business.

Your business will be brilliantly displayed in Google search engine results. You'll also have the chance to earn up to $1000 dollars a month just for inviting your friends to try out our web development services.

Website Building Services

If you're thinking Dopweb is just like every other website building service on the market, we're afraid you're sadly mistaken. Our services are unlike any other. How you may ask?

Many website building platforms can offer eye-catching templates, but they fail to take into account all that goes into hosting a successful website.

Your website's monitoring, design, and social services are all taken care of with our team on your side.

Our web building team has gone above and beyond to bring you outstanding performance and features that are unsurpassed.

A website is not only about the bells and whistles; it has to run flawlessly as well. With the benefit of our around the clock service, your site will be well cared for.

Because nothing means more to us than the well-being and peace of mind of our customers, our 24-hour service team is at your disposal whenever you need us. Day and night, we are here for you!

Not only will we monitor and protect your website, but we will also run audits to ensure that your page is operating properly.

Free updates, stats on the latest trends in SEO, and uptime monitoring will all be yours. In addition to all of that, you'll also receive a free $100 AdWords coupon *After spending $25 in ads.

With this valuable coupon, you can obtain a wonderfully created paid advertisement that will be seen all across the web at no cost to you!

So, save yourself a headache and allow Dopweb to run your website today! You'll be glad you did.

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