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Are you a business owner with a product that you're passionate about? Are you struggling to create a website with engaging and compelling content?

Learn more about content marketing how to start creating engaging content for your audience in this article. We will review the following key points together:

What You Need Is Content Marketing, Not Just Good, but Great Content Marketing!

When we say content marketing, we aren't referring to simply selling your e-commerce store products online with a few fancy buzzwords and special effects.

Nope, that won't cut it in today's market! Content marketing is so much more than that.

According to the content marketing institute, it's defined as, a strategic marketing approach focussed on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to retract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

Long story short, the art of content marketing is all about getting customers in the mood to buy what you're selling. How is that accomplished?

By making your content marketing appeal to their needs through terrific branding service, storytelling, emotional anecdotes, and much more!

The Content Marketing Goal

Now that we have a working understanding of exactly what content marketing is, let's take a look at the goal.

The goal of a content marketing specialist is to speak to potential customers in a voice they can understand. For instance, a corporate brand that uses specific content to speak to their audience like a human being.

Avoid being overly technical or you may just lose your prospects.

A professional web developer is not here to pull the wool over anyone's eyes but to provide a product that could potentially make someone's life better.

But how do we convince prospective customers to buy? And, whose life are we improving?

Believe it or not, the answers can all be found in great content marketing. The rest of our text will dive deeper into the fascinating world of exemplary content marketing.

Identify Your Audience

It is important when marketing a product that you identify your target audience? The art of content marketing requires that you know at least this much information.

Who are you speaking to? Whether it be soccer moms or college students, you must pinpoint your crowd.

That will help to determine the type of tone that should be used when addressing individuals that fall into a certain consumer category.

For example, one of the most important aspects to consider if you were looking to involve your business with influencer marketing, is the age, sex, region, and consumer tase of your audience. At the end of the day, it comes down to demographics.

If you don't know who you are targeting with your marketing strategy, then you should learn very quickly. Your entire product would prove pointless if there is no intended audience for it.

Therefore, if you're unsure of exactly how to pinpoint your particular audience, working with a skilled professional would prove even more beneficial to your business.

Speak Their Language

A great content marketing professional knows how to speak the language of its audience.

For instance, you wouldn't use overly technical language about AMP if you're trying to market to someone who knows very little about AMP technology.

There's a fine line between effectively communicating with your client and appearing unrelatable or too pushy.

In the world of search engine optimization, it's important to stay away from both of those approaches.

An experienced content marketing expert will do a first-rate job of emphasizing the need and the benefit of a product rather than it's dazzling features or price.

Make no mistake, the product will be discussed but that's not all that will be discussed.

When all is said and done, if a potential customer is interested in your product they will go to great lengths to get it.

It almost doesn't matter what the price tag says. It's all about using your site's content to create value.

Engaging Content

Once you've determined who your target audience is, your content should be engaging. There are many techniques that can be used to accomplish this.

Whether it's through the inclusion of vibrant visuals and video animations or amazing product descriptions, the content needs to be interesting.

Our seasoned content marketing professionals have perfected the art of effective content marketing so you can trust that your site's content will be first-rate!

What Makes Great Content?

With all this talk of content marketing, we bet you're wondering what makes great content?

Well, besides the many CMS services tools that can assist you in making great content, let's take a look at bad content marketing.

If reading information about a company or its products can cure your insomnia, then that content is terrible! Now for the great content!

Great content marketing is something that people find pleasant. It could be an article that they found entertaining or amusing.

It could also be seen in the form of a video explainer that they found informative and helpful.

Perhaps the video was a tutorial on how to properly apply the cosmetics that you sell. Maybe, it teaches you how to assemble a coffee table with your special brand of wood glue.

Small content marketing techniques like this go a long way in building your value and strengthening your online reputation management.

The bottom line is people would willingly pay to consume your content if it's any good.

But even if you're not charging for the content, proof of its success will be in the number of visitors your site receives along with your website's ranking.

Creating Urgency

When composing content marketing techniques, your content marketing or SEO specialist should strive to create a sense of urgency for the client or reader.

It's important to make your potential buyer feel as though they need your promotion as soon as possible!

Urgency is what's going to make people take action, which will ultimately translate into higher sales for you.

Just the Facts

So your content marketing is catchy, interesting, and engaging; that's great! Now, you've got to backup your information with facts and statistics.

Elements such as pie charts, bar graphs, and percentages would fit in nicely here. Readers love to see numbers because it shows that you are trustworthy and that you are an authoritative figure that they can believe in. Right away, this will give you an edge over the competition.

If a reader is browsing your website and notices facts and statistics, it will make them think twice about not taking advantage of what you're content marketing has got to offer.

They'll think to themselves, "Wow, look at all the evidence that supports how amazing this offer is." Once you've impressed your target audience, they're yours for life!

You could even gain a larger population of audiences that find value in your product. Facts help to create that all-important sense of urgency and highlight the fact that you're a company that does your research, ie. domain research.

The Human Touch

Choosing to work with a skilled content marketing specialist will prove to be the right choice in no time at all.

While many companies are going the route of artificial intelligence software, individuals want to feel like you care about them. They want to read or hear stories that relate to their personal struggles.

People can tell when things don't feel genuine. That is why there is such a need for content marketing specialists.

An actual expert has been through all the trials and tribulations that your potential customer has been through.

Because of this, they can ensure that your content marketing appeals to the needs of your audience. A content marketing specialist will offer a human touch that eager consumers yearn for.

You can't afford to offer your audience any less than exceptional content marketing coming from a voice of experience and empathy.

Content Never Dies

Content that can stand the test of time is exactly what you need. You won't have to change this particular content marketing style often, but its contents will remain useful to all who choose to consume it.

This type of content is known as "evergreen content."

With this format under your belt, new and old website visitors can gain valuable information for years and years to come.

That means content marketing that may have been posted two years ago is still applicable today.

Examples of this type of content marketing include articles such as tutorials, explainer videos, or other high caliber and timeless information.

Though it is necessary to create a content marketing campaign that will never die, reporting on the latest trends and techniques is also pivotal.

You wouldn't want to be labeled an old relic or a dinosaur. Instead, try to straddle the line between classic and cutting-edge!

If all of your content marketing was timeless, your readers might get snatched up by the hottest new competition in the business. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

Content Marketing and SEO

When it comes to making the most of your content marketing strategy, you're going to need the help of a reputable and qualified content marketing professional.

You'll need a professional content writer that will not only appeal to your reader's sensibilities but is also a wiz at utilizing web analytic tools to identify the most important keywords in your industry.

Your content marketing specialist must be sure that these keywords relate to your product and to your content.

An unskilled writer might try to use black hat content marketing techniques such as "stuffing" keywords into your content wherever they see fit.

However, a content marketing specialist knows better than this. With years of training and experience, they know how to blend your keywords into your content seamlessly.

They will also use heading tags as an SEO best practice, to structure and breakdown your content. Header tags make it easier for web crawlers and users to read and understand the content on your page. They also give more context about your content.

Therefore, a content marketing specialist will know how to write engaging and relevant content, and to utilize the best SEO techniques to get your content found online.

Focus on the Long-Tail

We all know how important keywords are to composing content marketing that works well for search engine optimization services. However, popular keywords can't be the only factor to consider.

With all the competition in the industry for those same keywords, it can feel almost impossible to rank high.

That is why our professionals suggest that long-tail keywords should be the main focus of your content. What does this mean?

It means that phrases such as, "affordable restaurants in the city", are just as necessary as "local restaurants."

Our qualified content marketing professionals will take care of all the keyword and long-tail keyword information so you can watch your business thrive!

Video Content Marketing

It's no secret that video content marketing is a hit across the web. This is because consumers love to see a product in action.

This will help to reinforce their faith in your company and the product that you're promoting.

Though written content marketing campaigns can be very insightful and engaging, they can also lose your audience.

Let's face it, the human attention span is not very long, approximately 5-20 minutes, and getting shorter and shorter as time passes.

However, rich and entertaining video marketing will get your message across and hold your visitor's attention for a longer period of time.

Below, we'll bring three sure-fire ways to utilize video content marketing to your attention.

Special Offers and Products

This is your chance to create your own web commercial!

Utilizing the skills of our digital marketing agency, you'll have the chance to shine the spotlight on your company's special offers and promotions through excellently executed content marketing.

This video will be all about showing and telling, not hard selling.

Unlike cheesy late-night infomercials, you've got something that your visitors want and need.

The overall goal is simply to present your product in a bold and vibrant way that keeps them wanting more.

This is where our amazing content marketing team comes in!

Our industry experts will put our equipment, skills, and techniques to work to bring you an outstanding outcome!

Career Opportunities

Why not create a content marketing video showcasing the career opportunities that your company has available?

Although it is not technically an advertisement, it still shines a light on your company as a whole. It says that you are a company that not only provides top-quality items, but you also provide opportunities to get ahead in life!

With this type of content marketing, you can show what it's like in your offices.

You'll also have the chance to show your public that your employees work together as a team to get things done with excellence.

These are things that every customer would like to hear and believe and it will do great for your online reputation management.

With a video such as this, you'll have amazing content marketing established, as well as a chance for the world to know your name.

Whether you're marketing to a potential employee or new customers, the message is still the same, yours is a company that they can trust!


This type of video is a classic and still the most popular approach across a slew of sites web-wide.

If your company sells lumber, it would be beneficial to put together a "how to" video that demonstrates how to build a homes foundation or even sturdy shelves for your home.

The possibilities are endless. This is also just the type of content marketing that web visitors won't mind sharing across their social media platforms.

Content Marketing Through Social Media

Getting your readers and potential customers to share your content is not an easy task. In fact, many highly successful companies still have trouble with it.

However, if your content marketing specialist can create content that is engaging and serves a need, your audience will follow.

Interested visitors that interact with your social media marketing services will gladly share your content because they'll want everyone they know to check out your latest recipe or product.

Perhaps, you could even include a fun quiz. The point is, clients must be engaged in your content in order to feel motivated enough to share your marketing content.

Content Strategy

Let's start at the beginning. Before any great content marketing can be created for your website, or a mobile app, you'll first need a properly developed content strategy.

This will be separate from the content marketing strategy. These key content strategy components are recommended by, Content Marketing Institute.

- Outline your business and customer needs. How will your content cater to those needs? Understand your audience and come up with solutions to their problems.

- Your strategy should be documented.

- Your content goals are critical to your success, they should be well-thought out and posted around your workspace.

- Refer to your strategy often and ensure that it is updated often.

Content Marketing Challenges

Though content marketing can be great for your business if done properly, many establishments find it hard to execute their efforts properly.

Below are some of the most common challenges that many content marketers face:

- Creating Compelling Content

- Tracking Content Effectiveness

- Consistently Creating Content

- Budget Issues

- Creating Content Variety

- Composing Clear and Focused Content

- Having the Time and Energy to Compose Top-Quality Content

- Lack of Understanding How to Locate Your Target Audience

With those factors taken into consideration, we are aware of the difficulties that are associated with trying to compose content marketing for a business, especially for the untrained professional.

However, our content marketing team comes equipped with over 20 years of experience under our belt.

We know how to save your business from the pitfalls that other businesses have gone through.

The Content Marketing Effect

You may think content marketing isn't all that important. Or, maybe you find it a complete waste of time and unnecessary.

If those are your sentiments, then we're here to tell you, you're sadly mistaken.

Though many businesses are challenged with the concept of new and compelling content, there is a reason they keep on persisting.

The world wide web is littered with blogs, articles, videos, and more.

If you couple that with the wide access we have to social media platforms, you can imagine just how relevant content of any kind is to online marketing survival.

Admittedly, content marketing is no simple task. It takes the perfect balance of skill and compassion to compose the perfect copy.

That is why when it matters the most, an experienced professional is what you're going to need!

Organic Content Views

Another reason why natural sounding content marketing is so important is that paid ads, such as AdWords management, are becoming more and more overrated.

Consumers are tired of the hard sell tactics that some businesses use. They want to do their research and make the choice that suits their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

In a basic search of Google SERPs, studies show that people are most likely to click on a high ranking organic page rather than a paid ad page.

If a potential customer clicks on your page and thoroughly enjoys your website's content, you may be able to keep your top ranking position.

Poor content marketing is a sure-fire way to drop from the top spot and plummet to the bottom. It's sad, but it happens all the time.

Content Marketing Benefits

Not only is content marketing a great tool for promoting your product in an organic way, but it also provides tremendous benefits for your business, including but not limited to the following:

- Increased Visibility- By creating rich content and climbing the SERPs, potential buyers will clamor to consume your content.

- Improves Brand Awareness and Recognition - As your content grows in popularity, you'll generate more leads. Gaining more leads will bring more attention to what your website has to offer.

- Greater Sales - customers that enjoy reading your content are more inclined to buy. That, in turn, equates to more sales.

- Cost-Effectiveness - With the use of effective content marketing services, you can cut your cost for paid advertisements.

- Great Quality of Customers - Customers that choose to return to your site are loyal. That means they stay with you till the end.

Conversion Through Content

Typically, a conversion is made when a site visitor follows through with a call to action.

A conversion is what lets the business owner know that this potential customer is interested in what you are promoting.

However, a potential customer can also be driven to convert by consuming your website's compelling content and alluring web design service.

Perhaps, the reader decided to join the mailing list after reading your content or watching a video. Suddenly this site visitor has turned into a lead!

That is the beauty of compelling and engaging content marketing.

Who Needs Content Marketing?

The short answer to this is, everyone! Below we'll list all the different marketing platforms that benefit from thoughtful and compelling content.

- Social Media - Social Media is one large platform where compelling content marketing lives and breathes. From users that share their life experiences to business that want to promote a sale or a fun fact, content marketing is definitely welcome in this realm.

- SEO- Content Marketing is king in the world of search engine optimization. Whether it's creating new and unique ways to utilize your keywords or creating rich content for your products description, a great content specialist is necessary.

Those that lack skills may fail at trying to create the perfect balance.

- PR- For public relations matters, the services of a content marketing specialist is paramount.

People want to hear the facts and learn more about your business. Simply trying to push your product onto them might make you appear too direct.

- PPC - Though you may not have considered it, PPC thrives on great content marketing. What good is a click, if your bounce rates are through the roof?

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing isn't only limited to blocks of text on your websites. Below, we illustrate a slew of examples of content marketing that our talented experts are prepared to provide for you!

- Infographics- These types of graphics usually contain charts, graphs, or other useful statistics related to your company or product.

A well-done infographic could go viral across the web for years and years to come!

- Web pages- If you choose to work with a professional for content marketing, your web page won't appear bland and overly cheesy.

Instead, you'll have the backing of a first-rate SEO service agency that will know the proper techniques to correctly market your product through engaging content and appropriate keyword usage.

- Videos: People are visual by nature. They want to see wonderful dynamic images and educational tutorials. If you post a video on your site or social channels, you'll have the entire web's attention. But, it's gotta be great!

Personalization of Content

If you want to create a website that provides the ultimate experience for a potential customer or existing customers, you can't forget about personalization.

Catering your content marketing to one specific person helps the individual to feel as though you know them, and they like that!

For instance, sites like Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora, take their clients interests into consideration.

Geographic location is also a great tool to use because it allows you to pinpoint your customer's city of residence and time your marketing content accordingly.

Asking users to create a profile on your website and asking them about their preferences is also an appropriate technique.

This way, you'll get to know your customer better and they'll be more engaged in your content.

By tracking their past behavior, they are able to recommend the right selections for that customer.

By adopting this same approach to your content marketing efforts, you stand to gain much-improved success.

Whether you sell shoes, camping equipment, or cookware, cater the recommended selections to each individual user.

You may be wondering how you will do this. As mentioned earlier, your chosen content marketing professional will employ top of the line analytical techniques in order to track the customer's past behavior in an effort to create a more unique and overall better user experience for them.

In no time, you'll have more leads than ever before!

Measuring Content Marketing Success

Creating great content marketing is not enough. You must also keep track of its performance.

That's the only way you'll know what needs improvement and how to improve it. It all comes down to the data!

Our amazing team of professionals will handle all of those things for you so that you won't have to worry about it.

With our web agency, not only will you receive great optimization, content, and great quality website functions, you'll also get the reports you need in order to maintain your business' success

Content Marketing and Existing Customers

Though the overall goal of content marketing is to appeal to your "target audience", one must also take into account the existing customers.

Fresh and relevant content marketing is a great resource for existing customers to gather needed or desired information.

You could include valuable resources such as:

- How to's - This is the section where video tutorials might be appropriate or a step by step guide to addressing your product or promotion.

- FAQs - The frequently asked question section could do a lot for customers that frequent your site often. They could simply glance at the section when they need quick answers to some of their most pressing questions or concerns.

- Updates/announcements - Here, would be appropriate for congratulating your clients or customers or announcing any upcoming promotional offers. With this section, customers can always stay engaged and in the loop.

Content Marketing and PR

Gone are the days of needing an agent to make special announcements and answer questions on your company's behalf.

Now, you need only have access to social media.

With great content marketing on your website, it can be easily linked to all the most popular websites so your company and product are sure to get the worldwide exposure that you seek for your branding service.

Instead of creating a press release, one could simply compose a blog writing post. Instead of paying top dollar for a television ad, one could simply upload a YouTube video.

The point is, with the changing way in which potential customers consume media, top-quality content marketing is your best friend.

Choosing not to take advantage of the concept would be a major mistake for any business owner.

Content Marketing Faux Pas

So far you know all the right steps that should be taken towards creating an outstanding content marketing strategy.

However, many professionals have made mistakes that could have easily been avoided by working with a professional that's trained to create flawless content.

What to Avoid: Failing to Pinpoint Your Target Audience

As we've mentioned earlier, determining your target audience is extremely imperative if you hope to market your product to the right demographic.

Your marketing strategy to everyone just won't do!

Things to keep in mind when determining who that audience might be are, age range, job title, financial status, education level, and interest.

Also, try to figure out what those particular customers really need.

What to Avoid: Lack of Quality Content

In order to retain your client/customer base, it's important to keep your content marketing tactics informative, engaging, and fresh.

That means new content must be posted to your website and social media pages daily. It must also be of great quality, something that the reader or video watcher can make use of.

Failure to produce fresh and informative content marketing on a regular basis will keep clients from frequenting your site.

Keep in mind that posting weekly is acceptable as well. As long as your content is top-quality and receives continuous web optimization, you won't have an issue.

If you start to produce garbage just to keep your audience, eventually potential customers will bounce (leave your site).

What to Avoid: Bad Grammar

Small mistakes in punctuation or spelling can seriously impact the readability of the content. You don't want your visitors to struggle to read your articles or blogs.

That's why before you make any final publishing decisions, your content should always be proofread and edited for any errors.

According to the content marketing institute, it's defined as, a strategic marketing approach focussed on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to retract and retain a clearly-defined audience-and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

What to Avoid: Poor Content Navigation

If a potential new customer has trouble navigating their way through your website, they won't be staying long.

Your main topics should be clearly marked on a website toolbar and the content should be legible.

In addition to this, too many ads or distracting audio can be bothersome to a visitor as well. These things should be kept to minimum.

Always remember to keep things simple. The user wants to find what they are looking for smoothly and painlessly.

Therefore, you'll need the services of a capable content marketing insider to ensure that your customers gets exactly what they are asking for.

What to Avoid: Not Repurposing Content

If you've been creating your own content marketing for your site for a while, we're sure you've collected tons of data and other helpful information for readers.

What happens to all of that classic, yet wonderful information? Do you just throw it in the trash can? We hope not!

Why not work with a skilled professional to turn old articles into instructional video animations? Or, turn past videos into a written out blog topic.

This way, your content gets a makeover and your site's visitors will love it.

What to Avoid: Lack of CTA (Call to Action)

The call to action is important. It tells readers what they should be doing on your website. It says things such as, "click here" or "buy today."

Without those key factors in place, you'll miss out on prime opportunities to make a potential sale.

This is definitely a component of content marketing that should not fall through the cracks!

Calls to act should be placed on blogs, social media, videos and the like!

What to Avoid: Terrible Titles

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

Therefore, when your readers visit your site and read your blogs or articles, your title should stand out from your competitors.

Your titles should make the reader take notice and maybe even create an emotional reaction. It doesn't have to be one of sadness or negativity, but it must create a feeling.

The reaction can be one of humor, shock, a wide range of types as long as it makes a lasting mark.

Lackluster titles are forgettable and not attention-grabbing. These definitely won't improve your SEO services.

Your title should be catchy, yet relevant to the information that you are promoting. Also, the inclusion of short or long-tail keywords is a plus!

To ensure that your content marketing matches up to the success of your previous postings, a well-trained professional can perform web analytics testing and determine which type of titles and content proved most successful for you in the past.

From there, they will proceed accordingly.

What to Avoid: Lack of Social Media Shares

This is a mistake you cannot afford to make. In this content marketing industry, social media marketing is your bread and butter!

Asking a reader to copy and paste your link into their favorite site is much too time-consuming.

Remember, when it comes to sharing great content marketing, speed is king!

In order to create the fastest content marketing sharing experience possible for your readers and potential customers, our well-versed team highly encourages the inclusion of share buttons.

These are tiny little icons that correspond with the most popular social media websites.

These share icons should be included above and below your website's content to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

A few great ways to encourage potential customers to share include the following:

- Contests - Any type of contest that you can think up is sure to be a hit. Just remember, it must relate to the products that you are trying to promote.

- Giveaways - These are great because it gets customers excited to act. Everyone loves receiving free things!

- Shout Outs - You could let potential customers know that if they act today you'll feature them on your website or social media page.

In the age of social media, influencer marketing is becoming a necessary channel for businesses to exploit for their brand awareness, so do not miss out on securing some high-profile influencers on social media!

All it takes is one simple click and your content is being shared with the entire world! That's a lot more than one simple commercial or print ad could do!

Content Marketing Summed Up

If you're not convinced by now that content marketing is the right choice for you, be prepared to suffer tremendously! Yes, it's that big of a deal.

Content marketing is here to stay and only growing in dominance with each passing day.

No longer are print and television ads the most important marketing tools around. Buyers are tired of pushy and cheesy hard selling ad campaigns.

They are looking for something real, something they can connect with. Now, It's all about what's being produced on the world wide web.

People want instant access and gratification.

From social media to landing pages, you've got to use every channel of content marketing to your advantage if you plan on taking your business to the next level.

How will you do that? By stepping up your content marketing game.

Here at dopweb, our talented professionals will start from the beginning by building your website from scratch and producing content marketing that you can be proud of.

Unlike many content marketing companies, we won't fall prey to common mistakes made by many.

When it comes to experience and dedication, you won't find a team that is more trusted and sought-after than we are.

You can count on our reputation for excellence and our track record of top-notch results!

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