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posted bydopweb26/05/2020

Heading into the future, one step at a time. Like it or not, this is the age of artificial intelligence. Here, we'll go the extra mile to show you how to create a website that will adjust to changes ahead!

In this article, we will review everything you need to know about artificial intelligence and its applications. Let’s get started with these key points to understand how artificial intelligence can benefit your business:

Artificial Intelligence at a Glance

For years, marketers have struggled to keep up with top-quality customer service needs and fulfilling supply and demand.

Though somehow they've managed to survive, finally, there's new technology that makes marketing and customer service a breeze! Its name is Artificial Intelligence!

As time goes by, artificial intelligence is being utilized more and more in the marketing world. A benefit of artificial intelligence is that it helps to make the customer experience a lot smoother and much more personal.

By requiring very little human input, artificial intelligence can transform pay per click campaigns with advanced web optimization and analyzing content across multiple platforms.

Smart machines are quickly being implemented to assist with copywriting, bids, and more. Over the course of this text, we will further examine artificial intelligence and what it can do for your business.

Artificial Intelligence and UX

Not only does Artificial intelligence make marketing efforts easier, but it also improves UI/UX. Thanks to artificial intelligence tons of data about a particular user can be stored into an app or website.

With machine learning algorithms, sites can fine tune their notifications and recommendations to suit each user's needs.

Industry professionals near and far are harnessing this technology to create the best user experience possible.

Components of Artificial Intelligence

By now, we know how powerful a marketing tool artificial intelligence really is. The real question is, what makes it work so effortlessly.

Well, there are many moving cogs that allow artificial intelligence to work the way that it does. The major components of AI are as follows:

- Big Data - Artificial intelligence produces accurate data without much help from human hands.

With this data, marketers are better able to connect on a personal level with potential customers and site users.

- Machine Learning - Specialized machines can help gain consumer insight to give marketers a better idea of what their customers want. Well-targeted platforms are also known to greatly improve SEO efforts.

These machines can also help predict the likelihood of repeat customer behaviors.

- Marketing Solutions - Artificial intelligence platforms are able to seamlessly communicate like a human.

They are able to cater to customer emotions and studied behaviors. From generating a personalized email to future recommendations, artificial intelligence is there.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may seem like a passing fad, however, it continues to grow in popularity with businesses around the globe.

AI has been used in social change efforts as well as marketing campaigns. Ways in which AI can continue to benefit companies are as follows:

- Email Generation - Let's face facts, sending a personal and heartfelt email to every single one of your customers can prove extremely difficult to impossible.

However, personal content, still reigns supreme. Artificial intelligence will analyze the visit details of your customers and send personal emails based on those experiences.

- Identify Potential Bouncers - This smart technology can also predict when a user is considering churning or leaving your app or website builder for a competitor.

With its compilation of data, AI can help determine which stage of potential bouncing your customer is in.

- AI Image Recognition - This image recognition technology goes a long way in customizing the customer experience.

With it, companies are better able to tailor special offers to users that are sure to suit their needs and taste preferences.

Artificial Intelligence Considerations

The goal of artificial intelligence is to make the user experience as simple as possible. What used to take marketers and business owners forever to do all on their own, can now be done in a snap with advanced technological services such as artificial intelligence.

Should you chose to implement this, there are some things you may want to take into consideration.

- Start with the Basics - Don't try to complicate things early. Start with a basic web design and use artificial intelligence data analysis to track your users' responses. From there, you can apply the necessary adjustments.

- The Right Support - Artificial intelligence is a great system to have in place. However, it's not going to solve all of your problems if other portions of your business aren't up to par.

For instance, if you've got sophisticated technology coupled with structures and a team that can't support it, then your business is doomed from the inception.

To prevent this, make sure your team, structures, and technology are all compatible with one another.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will most certainly surpass human performance in years to come. With the intelligent machine's ability to interact with humans, there's a lot that society is in store for.

In order to better understand how this will take place, it's important to understand the different types of artificial intelligence there are and how they operate.

Each one serves a unique purpose. Together, they will change the way business is conducted forever.

Each one serves a unique purpose. Together, they will change the way business is conducted forever.

These are the pages where potential customers are most likely to dwell. If you create a website without the proper framework put in place, you might notice poor website performance.

- Reactive Machines AI - these types of machines react to the environment around them.

However, they cannot use previous experience to make current decisions or predict the future. They can only react to what's happening at the moment.

- Limited Memory AI - This type of AI is commonly seen in self-driving cars. Road markings and traffic light information are added to the machine for ease of use.

- Theory of Mind AI - Machines such as this are able to understand people in society that have emotions. However, this technology, such as AMP, is not fully developed yet.

- Artificial Narrow Intelligence - ANI can be found practically in every aspect of our lives. Platforms like Siri and Cortana implement this type of artificial intelligence.

- Artificial General Intelligence - This is an advanced type of artificial intelligence that behaves like humans.

Robots with this type of intelligence can perform copious amounts of functions including but not limited to distributing pills and relaying important medical information.

This comes in handy particularly for employees in the medical field that are often on call for 24 hours a day.

- Artificial Super Human Intelligence - ASHI is a fully functioning machine that can behave just like a human.

A specially designed robot, Alpha 2, was designed to take care of the home and become just like a member of the family.

Where Artificial Intelligence Can Be Found

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in a plethora of industries, large to small. A list of current examples includes the following:

- Media - Streaming giant, Netflix, utilizes big data to predict how their viewers feel about their content.

Thanks to the data, Netflix will go as far as to order an entire season of a show instead of the typical one episode pilot.

- Retail - Leading retail stores such as Walmart are experimenting with facial recognition to determine the mood of their customers.

In addition, they also seek to improve the customer shopping experience by implementing a scan and go feature on their mobile app.

- Social Media - The leading social sites are using artificial intelligence to track user behavior and combat cyberbullying. With artificial intelligence, they also determine user preferences.

Artificial Intelligence and Accuracy

With artificial technology in place, marketers no longer have to spend hours trying to gain facts and statistics about their target audience.

Deep learning machine's and big data are here to take care of all of that.

This technology allows us to move past the basics of demographics and get to know potential customers based on a whole host of factors.

Though artificial intelligence isn't always the end all be all in advanced technology, its ability to predict trends based on past and present consumer behavior make it a trustworthy tool.

With the power of artificial intelligence, companies can gain a better understanding of the user experience and cater to their needs accordingly.

Marketers that don't consider implementing artificial intelligence into their platform when studying their consumer base will most certainly finish last.

Artificial intelligence is the wave of the future and the sooner it's realized, the better.

Artificial Intelligence Summed Up

As we move forward into the future, artificial intelligence's use is only going to continue to grow. When it does, marketers must be ready to take the leap.

You'll no longer have the choice to do things the old and classic way or the new and revamped way.

New will always win out at the end of the day and technology will continue to become more advanced.

It's in your best interests to start implementing the use of artificial intelligence where ever you can.

However, it's important to keep the fundamentals in mind. Don't try to do too much too soon and make sure you've got the proper support on your side.

If you are not sure how to get started, don't worry, that's where dopweb comes in!

Our experienced marketing experts will work with you throughout the entire process so that you'll gain a full understanding of this technology.

Once we've implemented it as part of your marketing approach, we'll keep things well maintained so you won't have to concern yourself with any of the details.

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